Working with PASC on Design

We believe that visual design is a key element of successful public diplomacy. It engages and inspires audiences and provides a professional, cohesive appearance for our products. PASC specializes in design strategy for international relations and public diplomacy.

Our Design Guide standardizes design and branding for the bureau and includes policies such as use of U.S. Flag, State Department Seal, digital products, 508 compliance, and ECA program logos. The guide also has links to download .zip file folders that include all approved versions of the U.S. Flag, State Department Seal, and ECA program logos (.jpg, .png, .ai, and individual program style guides). Download the ECA Design Guide in the side menu.

For Internal ECA offices/partner organization/grantees as well as posts we offer our expertise for consultation in addition to creating effective and innovative visual design content for your ECA programs and initiatives. Design production can be a complicated task, please view our PASC Design Process Map to understand where to weigh in on style and direction as well as clearances. You may submit a request with our online form:

Watch our video introducing the design/print section of the communications guidance. All resources for download are available in the side menu.

This guide standardizes design and branding for the bureau and complements to the Communications Guidance for ECA Grant Recipients.

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