The goal of our public-private partnerships unit is to harness the power of State Department resources together with non- and for-profit organizations in order to combine networks, expertise, and resources to better serve citizens around the world.

The State Department partners with the private sector on projects that address key policy goals such as climate change, good governance, women and girls leadership, and technology advancement. Partnerships aim to provide opportunities for emerging leaders and benefit their communities in 165 countries around the world.

Public-Private Partners

Bringing State Department resources together with non and for-profit organizations

Public-Private Partnership Themes

Civil Society and Entrepreneurship


English Language Teaching Worldwide Partnerships

The English Education Alliance (E2A) connects resources from public, private, non-profit, and academic member organizations to meet English language teaching and learning needs and opportunities worldwide. E2A was founded by the U.S. Department of State and TESOL International Association in 2012 and the four key areas of focus are:

•    Technology-supported learning
•    Capacity building
•    Teacher-focused professional development
•    Learner-focused programs

E2A partners include:

biNu: a privately held company whose free mobile application dramatically improves internet access, speed, and social media connectivity for lower-tech mobile phones. biNu is used by over 5 million people monthly worldwide. In partnership with the U.S. Department of State, biNu developed the American English mobile app to provide a library of free multimedia English language learning resources for English teachers and learners around globe.

Intel: technology corporation that specializes in designing and building the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the world’s computing devices. In partnership with the U.S. Department of State, Intel will develop and distribute pre-loaded English language learning content bundles on Intel’s computing devices sold abroad.

TESOL International: global association that advances professional expertise in English language teaching and learning for speakers of other languages worldwide. In a joint effort with the U.S. Department of State to respond to the global demand for English, TESOL International is connecting and expanding access to their international networks, and professional expertise and resources.

Worldreader: non-profit organization working to put e-books into the hands of children and families in the developing world using e-readers and mobile phones. The Worldreader Mobile app, developed in partnership with biNu, has over half a million active readers worldwide. Worldreader distributes free U.S. Department of State e-book resources for English language teachers and learners.


Environmental and Climate Change


Youth Programs

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