Working with PASC on Social Media

Strategically-planned and well-maintained social media presences are invaluable to public diplomacy outreach because they reach audiences on platforms where they already spend much of their time. Many of ECA’s target audiences are digital natives who rely on social media to stay informed and connected. PASC provides strategic guidance, policy, and support to the bureau’s network of over 200 unique accounts, including accounts run by ECA recipient organizations. PASC also maintains a directory of all ECA program accounts and directly manages bureau flagship accounts, including:

@ECAatState (Bureau Twitter)
@ECA_AS (Assistant Secretary Twitter)
ECA Assistant Secretary (Assistant Secretary Facebook)
Exchange Programs At State (Bureau Facebook)
Exchange Our World (Bureau Instagram)
Exchanges Video (Bureau YouTube)
Exchanges Video (Bureau Vimeo)
Exchanges Photos (Bureau Flickr)

For Internal ECA offices/partner organization/grantees as well as posts we offer our expertise for consultation, approval of new social media accounts, running live video sessions, working on strategy, amplifying your content, and more. You may submit a request with our online form:

Watch our video introducing the social media section of the communications guidance. All resources for download are available in the side menu.