Working with PASC on Campaigns

A campaign, as defined by PASC, is a strategic communications effort around a major event or initiative that requires a campaign manager to assist in the coordination of multiple moving parts. This includes defining the audience, developing and tracking an array of outreach deliverables, arranging meetings that often include multiple offices or bureaus, and compiling an after action report. Examples of campaigns PASC has worked on include International Education Week, the Youth Initiatives (YALI, YSEALI and YLAI), Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund, and International Women of Courage.

Campaigns take up significant resources on the PASC team, program offices, and all others involved in the effort. As such, we always ensure requests are a bureau priority and align with ECA goals before moving forward. For Internal ECA offices/partner organization/grantees as well as posts looking to start a campaign in collaboration with PASC, please think through whether you have a strong need for a full campaign and ensure that your office leadership is onboard with the request prior to engaging the PASC office.

If your office is only in need of basic social media, press, or other support , a full campaign is probably not needed. Instead, please submit individual requests, using the submission form(s) in the individual pages of this web section (websites, social media, design, etc.), and PASC will work with you on an individual product basis.

Please read through the Communications Campaign Process Map to understand the full cycle of a campaign. When you are ready, you may submit a request with our online form:

Submit a Campaign Request