Sports Visitor Program

The Sports Visitor Program brings youth athletes, coaches, and administrators from around the world to the United States for sports-based-exchanges that enhance cross-cultural understanding and open avenues of dialogue between individuals and nations.

The Sports Visitor Program utilizes the global passion for sports to engage under-served populations and promote key foreign policy objectives such as equality and inclusion.

The Sports Visitor Program is implemented through a cooperative agreement with FHI 360. Learn more about the program at

A 2020 evaluation of the Sports Visitor Program by ECA’s Evaluation Division found that participants return from the United States with new skills, confidence, and an expansive worldview to posively influence their communities through sport.

Sports Visitor Program Evaluation Report (PDF)

Non-Elite Youth Athletes, Coaches and Admin
From over 50 countries have participated in the Sports Visitor Program from 2017 through 2020.
had a favorable view of the American people following a Sports Visitor exchange
youth reported volunteering in their community
while 83% reported initiating new activities and projects, and 78% reported assuming a leadership position in their community
coaches and administrators
have returned home to complete or work on an action plan project designed to leverage their Sports Visitor Program experience into increasing access to, and improving the quality of, youth sports in their communities.