Fulbright NEXUS


Fulbright NEXUS Program for the Western Hemisphere

The Fulbright Regional Network for Applied Research (NEXUS) Program is a network of junior scholars, professionals and mid-career applied researchers from the United States, Brazil and other Western Hemisphere nations participating in a year-long program that includes multi-disciplinary, team-based research, a series of three seminar meetings, and a Fulbright exchange experience.

Up to twenty outstanding scholars and practitioners from the region will be selected as Fulbright NEXUS Scholars to participate in the program through an open competition. Up to five of the grantees will be selected from the United States, up to five will be selected from Brazil, and the remaining ten will originate from other countries in the Western Hemisphere. Program activities will commence in June 2014 and conclude in May 2016.

The Fulbright NEXUS Program provides a platform for scholars from across the region to engage in collaborative thinking, analysis, problem-solving and multi-disciplinary research in one of five topics related to climate change and adaptation strategies: Renewable Energy, including micro-grid innovations; Social and Behavioral Adaptation to Climate Change; Measuring Climate Change and its Impacts (metrics and standards); Climate Change and Biodiversity; and, Climate Change and Food and Water Security.

Program Details

Who's Eligible

Successful candidates will include rising scholars or practitioners active in the academic, public or private sectors that demonstrate outstanding qualifications and a record of experience and accomplishment in an area clearly related to one of the designated research themes. Applicants must be conducting current research relevant to the program's themes and objectives, be open to exploring and incorporating comparative, interdisciplinary approaches in their investigations, and interested in developing collaborative activities with other Fulbright NEXUS Scholars.



Selection Process

As a part of the selection process, NEXUS candidates need to demonstrate how their research project would involve governments, NGOs, businesses, and local communities. Ultimately, Fulbright NEXUS Scholars will develop and pilot effective cross-sector implementation activities related to their research at the local, national, and regional levels.