Have Courage! Be a Leader

September 13, 2012

Have Courage, Be A Leader

"The idea of being a leader was not in my mind [before], but now I have courage to play a role in my school. [TEA] gives us hope that we can be leaders." -Mifdal Bouchaib, from Morocco on the Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program.

Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program (TEA) targets English secondary school teachers from all over the world (English, Math and Social Studies). They go the U.S. high schools twice a week for around five weeks, observing American teacher and students in their classrooms. They go to the U.S. high schools for a total of about 40 hours during the six weeks of their program.

"American schools have impressed me a lot. There is a big difference between schools. This school system puts the students at the center of the school, in my home it's the other way around." - Mifdal Bouchaib