ECA’s Collaboratory applies innovative approaches to support and enhance the U.S. Department of State’s educational, cultural and professional exchange programs. They help expand the reach and impact of existing programs by developing new types of programming and connecting colleagues with external partners. The Collaboratory team works with domestic offices and embassies around the world to design and pilot innovative programs and to enhance traditional public diplomacy with creative ideas and problem solving.

Since 2013, the Collaboratory has carved out a unique space to pioneer technology-driven practices and conduct targeted training in a growing list of disciplines, including virtual exchanges, education technology, project and management frameworks, and storytelling. Whether using digital platforms to extend people-to-people programs or engaging new audiences, communities and partners, ECA’s Collaboratory embraces new ways to achieve foreign policy goals.

Collaboratory Projects

Latest Projects

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Virtual Exchange Programs

Virtual exchanges and the use of digital tools to increase the reach & impact of traditional exchange programs.



Storytelling for Public Diplomacy

Using storytelling methodology to highlight policy priorities, support civil society, and promote critical thinking skills.



Education Technology

MOOCs, open educational resources, augmented/virtual reality, and new technologies that enhance exchanges.



Training & Facilitation

Innovative practices that allow State Department teams to better perform in today's networked world.



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