Office of Citizen Exchanges


The Office of Citizen Exchanges gives American and foreign participants the opportunity to gain knowledge and share their expertise and experience through professional, youth, cultural, and sports exchange programs.


Cultural Programs Division

The Cultural Programs Division brings the rich artistic traditions of the United States to foreign audiences through cultural exchange programs in visual arts, performing arts, film, arts education, arts management and cultural studies. Individual programs in each of these disciplines may range from public exhibitions and public performances to educational outreach activities. Some programs are supported through grants to U.S. non-profit arts and educational institutions.


Global Leaders Division

The Global Leaders Division provides grants to U.S. non-profit organizations that conduct fellowships, study tours, internships or workshops in the United States for foreign participants, as well as similar programs for American participants overseas. Participants come from a variety of professional backgrounds including civil society, local government, education, journalism and law. The exchange programs provide opportunities for participants to engage with foreign leaders in critical professions, and build lasting partnerships between organizations in the U.S. and abroad. Each year, the Global Leaders Division holds open grant competitions to solicit program proposals from eligible organizations. For additional information about grant opportunities, check out the Open Funding Opportunities or


Sports Diplomacy Division

Sports Diplomacy, ECA's Division devoted to sports diplomacy, aims to start a dialogue at the grassroots level with non-elite young people. Sports Diplomacy's initiatives promote cross-cultural understanding and physical fitness as well as enhance participants' leadership skills and ability to work as a team. Through Sports Diplomacy's international exchange programs, foreign participants learn about American culture through the lens of sport and have an opportunity to establish relationships with U.S. sports professionals and peers. In turn, American participants are enriched by new cultures and different experiences.


Youth Programs Division

The Youth Programs Division is committed to empowering the next generation and establishing long-lasting ties between the United States and other countries through exchange programs and institutional partnerships. Programs focus primarily on secondary schools and promote mutual understanding, leadership development, educational transformation and democratic ideals.


TechCamp Division

ECA's TechCamp program leverages cutting-edge communications and private sector expertise to build networks of influential activists around the world to advance shared policy objectives. Through participant-focused workshops and creative follow-on projects, TechCamp builds participant capacity to counter disinformation, support good governance, and mitigate violent extremism. TechCamp also boosts U.S. economic engagement around the globe by highlighting U.S. technical and private sector innovation.