Youth TechCamp

September 12, 2012


Inusah, Ghana: The Tech Camp is something amazing. Especially for me, it’s like, my first time getting to know more about the Internet.

Simone, South Africa: Tech Camp was awesome. These are the kind of things, like, that I’ve always wanted to learn but I’ve never had the time or the resources to sit around and learn about, so for me it was like ‘YAYYYY’

Michelle, Mozilla Foundation: Today we taught them two tools. Um, we taught them the X-ray goggles first, and then Thimble.

Simone: Thimble is an app – or uh, I think it’s a Mozilla program – that allows you to do basic web design, but it makes it simpler so it’s easier to understand.

Olise, InterMedia: It’s great just watching them figure out how they can play around with the web, and not have the web be this static thing that we all thought it was. You know you just go on there and you view it and you get out; but you can actually go in there and manipulate it and actually put a bit of your own flavor or creativity into it.

Michelle: The kids today are so enthusiastic. It’s so wonderful to work with a group where, you know, they’re just so passionate about different things. And you can hear just when they talk about what kind of web pages they want to make – it’s sort of like, all that they need is the tools and you could let them go, and they’ll just do awesome things with it.

Yekti, Indonesia: Nowadays technology is, like, everywhere. So everyone can apply technology and do Internet to research and for having fun and share ideas, sharing opinions about anything.

Inusah: For me too, I really want to go into marketing, and I think this is a very good opportunity for me.

Shehab, Egypt: Sometimes, when you need to propagate or market about an idea or project, you use social media and Internet. And, with giving this technology, it makes it easier for you to share ideas and spread the word about it.

Olise: I mean, to think about the web that, right up until now, for some of them it was just something that was: “You take it as it is, you can’t do anything with it.” I think a lot of them will go back with that idea that they can change it, and create change not only on the web, but apply it across the board in terms of their life.