Virtual Fitness Session with Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) Alumna, Tracy Sena Yeboah!

June 2, 2020


“We are very grateful to the AWE program for giving us a platform to improve our business strategy and becoming a successful brand” – Tracy Sena Yeboah, AWE Alum Ghana 2019

Tracy Sena Yeboah has a passion for the health and fitness of women, which led her to establish TNYOU FITNESS in Ghana. By participating in AWE in 2019, this certified nutrition and fitness trainer, has made TNYOU FITNESS the go-to place for fitness and healthy living. Prior to her AWE training, TNYOU had a client base of 60 women and after introducing the ideas learned throughout the AWE training, her clients more than doubled to over 200 ladies. Tracy’s vision is to see each household in Ghana, and beyond, develop a culture of healthy eating and fitness.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Tracy proactively started online workout sessions for her clients, which includes fellow AWE alumni. The fitness provider has also introduced online discussion sessions for women to help build mental wellness in addition to the physical exercises implemented during her workouts.

Tracy has recorded a virtual fitness session for everyone to get moving and stay motivated!

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