U.S.- China People-to-People Exchange

September 14, 2012

Chinese female student speaking English: U.S. [???] relationship is most important one in the world of political and employment relations, so of course, it is important for Chinese people to study here.

American female student speaking Chinese: When I was in high school, I decided to study for one year in Beijing. From then on, I fell in love with China.

Chinese male speaker in English: If you want to know this country, the best way is to go to this country and to join the local community. While you study in the U.S., it’s a good opportunity to really think about your own country.

Male speaking in Chinese: I think Americans should go to China to study because we should learn about each other’s culture.

Chinese female student speaking English: To improve my English was a big challenge for me. When I came to U.S., it’s the first time I’m outside of China, so I think I need get used to English in my daily life or that I need to understand what professor says in the classes.

American male student speaking Chinese: Before I participated in the Fulbright program, I had studied Chinese almost five years. But to do research in China, that’s a bit challenging.

Male speaking Chinese: Chinese is a very difficult language.

American female student speaking in Chinese: English doesn’t use tones, but Chinese has four tones.

Male speaking Chinese: You have to be able to tell the tone of each word. If your tone is not correct, then your meaning is not correct. So, I think this is a very difficult process.

Chinese male student speaking English: It’s broadened my mind. I know a different way of life—American life.

Female Chinese student speaking English: To see people around the world make me more open, more tolerant to their cultures.

American male student speaking Chinese: Through my conversations with my neighbors, we have learned a lot of commonalities and differences between the U.S. and China.

Male Chinese student speaking English: You know, while you read a book, you just can imagine that. But when you interact with the people face-to-face, people-to-people, it change your mind effectively.


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