United We Serve: IVLP Volunteerism Project

September 18, 2012
William Collier, George Washington University (Student)
So today we have about 20 volunteers at Marvin Gaye park. We’re in Ward 7 of Washington, D.C. and we’re cleaning up some of the creeks, doing trash pickup in the parks, just trying to make it a safer place for children to play.
Adrienne Williams, George Washington University (Student)
This is only a small group of the 103 international visitors that we have and they’re split up into five different groups working with different organizations in D.C. and we’re working with Washington Parks and People, which is an organization that really got this area turned around as far as bringing attention back to it and really showing good things could happen in this area.
Sara, International Visitor (Sudan)
It’s a really nice program and we get to work with the community and we get to learn more about American community and to work with the each other so we also get to know more about each other.
Tasneem, International Visitor (United Kingdom)
I think the U.S. is sort of ahead of every body all the countries even the UK in sort of voluntarily of giving back to the community, so I definitely think there’s a lot of learning. And I think that everybody who’s come is going to take something back with them so I definitely think it’s important, especially in terms of transnational links as well as sharing good practice.
Adrienne Williams, George Washington University (Student)
My group worked in the stream which was a little precarious and slippery but you can find all types of stuff -shopping carts, basketballs, wallets. So you know it’s a real bonding experience, as we navigate through the stream and collect trash and people are sharing their stories.
Prsica, International Visitor (Cote D'Ivoire)
I want to be an example for the young people in my country because if we want development, we have to stand up and do something for your community first.
William Collier, George Washington University (Student)
I think what I’ve learned from the volunteers and I think what this whole program is about is that service is universal. It seems like all these people come from all over the world and they’re all involved in some kind of service service but it’s great just to learn and exchange ideas about how to improve out communities.