Thank you, CLS!

March 15, 2016
0:01[Text on Screen] "The following statements are by U.S. Citizens who are alumni of the Critical Language Scholarship 
0:04(CLS) program which is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State." 
0:06[Speaking Chinese] Studying a language helps us better understand each other. 
0:09[Speaking Punjabi] When we learn different languages we can understand the whole world. 
0:14[Speaking Arabic] CLS changed my life. 
0:16[Speaking Indonesian] Language learning brings people together. 
0:18[Speaking Japanese] The Critical Language Scholarship expanded my world. 
0:21[Speaking Russian] Studying languages opens doors! 
0:24[Speaking Arabic] Thank you, Critical Language Scholarship! 
0:26[Speaking Persian] Thank you, CLS! 
0:28[Speaking Chinese] Happy 10th Anniversary, CLS! 
0:30[Speaking English] Thank you, CLS! 
0:31[Speaking English] Thank you CLS! 
0:33[Speaking English]Thank you so much CLS! 
0:34[Speaking English] Thank you, Critical Language Scholarship! 
0:38[Speaking English] Happy 10th Anniversary, CLS! 
0:41[upbeat background music]