Study of the U.S. Institutes Videos

September 12, 2012

Study of the U.S. Institutes

Megahnn Curtis, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Academic Programs: The Study of the U.S. institutes are programs that are run by ECA to bring leading and emerging leaders and students from overseas to the United States to take part in 5-6 weeks institutes hosted by American universities.

Raduca, Romania, SUSI on American Politics: It offered me a more refined and comprehensive perspective upon what American political life actually is.

Wilson, Colombia, SUSI on U.S. History and Government: They gave us a lot of information and a lot of knowledge, so I really appreciated that.

Megahnn: Around the World in an Afternoon is an event, really a festival, that the State Department puts on for SUSI participants each year. We bring together all these participants to Washington, D.C. to the State Dept. to showcase their individual research and academic work as well as their host country cultures.

Godson, Liberia, SUSI on Pluralism: I didn’t know that America was so diverse in terms of its cultural orientation. Pluralism for me is a good lesson I have learned.

Eisha, Pakistan, SUSI on Women’s Leadership: They were really interested in my country for what I think it is, the culture, its traditions, its history.

Megahnn: The inaugural Around the World in an Afternoon event was held on July 28 of 2011. At this event we had over 100 participants from 30 countries come together to take part. These 100 participants are just a sample of the 600 total participants in the SUSI program around the country last year.

Godson: Actually the good things that we learn here, we’re going to help to spread the message.

Desak, Indonesia, SUSI on New Media: This program opens wider perspective about the world, about the USA also.

Megahnn: For all the participants in the SUSI program, we hope this is just but the first step in a long relationship with the United States.