In Service of the Heart

August 30, 2012

My name is Branislava Blagojevic. I can spell you that later. I'm from Serbia. I'm living in Colorado. I go to high school and I have a lot of friends.

I love it here. We have American Studies as a class. And at lunch we have 15 minutes of news for students. And that's when I first saw it.

Haiti, devastating, everything was just horrible. The earthquake and people dying and still you search for people. It was really bad.

So I talked to my teacher, and talked to my family. We did all we can to make one week for money collecting jars and we made it a competition.

Who collected the most gets free breakfast in the morning for the class. Students took it pretty well and we collected $1,330.

I don't want to stop, so I will talk to my principal about maybe having more exchange students next year in our school, maybe take as many students as they can.

I really don't want it to stop after us. Make your own way to it. Find the people who will help you. Find the people you can trust and just go for it.