Roshika, International Women of Courage 2014

March 19, 2014

My name is Roshika Deo and I'm from

Fiji Islands which is in the South Pacific

region. I am here for the International Women of Courage Awards

Women of Courage Awards exchange program. During the

2 weeks that we are here for we get to network and meet a lot of people

within the US government and within the 

private sector and NGOs,

so there will be an exchange of

information. We've also been able

to get exposed

to a side of american culture that we don't

usually see. Especially for me since this is

my first time to U.S.


[ music laughing]


Fiji is a small Pacific Island country and

we have been in a military dictatorship

for the last 8 years.

So we have come up with this campaign called "Be the change."


You know which is like a political

movement encouraging


young people to you know, to relate to

politics, to redefine politics.


One of the things that I have  found really 

inspiring myself when I have been

going to all these places and speaking,

I've had some the American girls come up

to me or in open forum say that you know you

inspire me and when I see you do this, I know I can

do it do too. And I really find it very inspiring for myself

and very humbling. 


Part of the award 

ceremony during the day was meeting Michelle Obama

and having the award, you know,

presented by her.  "For her advocacy for

political reform in the name

democracy and human rights and a

country free violence against women

we name  Roshika Deo Woman of Courage."


My name is Roshika Deo and I'm

from Fiji Islands in the Pacific region

and I'm a Woman of Courage.