Paying it Forward: Fortune/U.S. State Department Global Women's Mentoring Partnership

May 23, 2014
Women are often overlooked.
Excluded. Underestimated. Stereotyped. 
But what if you chose to mentor?
I'm part of the Fortune/State Department
Global Women Mentoring Partnership program.
22 different women from around the world.
Guatemala. Egypt. Nigeria. Mexico. Myanmar.
With different backgrounds.
Business. Social media. Retail, pharmacy,
and beauty.
Public health. Energy. Were brought
together, to connect with women leaders in the US.
Transform women and take them to the
next level.
To build a global network women leaders, and
change the world.
My name is Karla Ruiz Cofino and I am from Guatemala. I am a communication and social media specialist and I've been
doing this for the last ten years.
The women that are mentoring us, they are a part of the Fortune 500 most powerful women, and they're going to
take two weeks out of their time, to let us be like their shadow. Well I was paired with Tami Reller, CMO at Microsoft.
So I get to travel to Seattle, I get to meet all
the leaders in Microsoft in all the different departments. 
I was learning so many things,
and they're given me so many
tools, that this has been
an amazing journey. But the fact they
believe in me. That they are investing in me
is the the most powerful thing that they can do,
and it's something that I know I cannot
pay back with money
I have to pay back with my actions
and I cannot wait to to start paying it forward.
I feel, not not just empowered
but I feel resourceful, and very
I really think that I can change the world.