NSLI-Y Summer Language Program

September 19, 2012


Where Are You Going?

"I'm going to Ankara, Turkey with the NSLI for Youth Program"

"...and I'm going to Cairo, Egypt"

"I'm going to India"

"I'm going to Egypt this summer"

"...and I'm going to India"

"I'm going to Egypt through NSLI"

"...and I'll be going to Egypt on the NSLI program"

"...and I'm going with NSLI to Egypt"

How did you find out about program?

"My mom found this program on the State Department website and we were looking just for stuff to do over the summer."

"I heard about NSLI and I really interested in it because I like to learn languages"

"Well I've always been interested in studying abroad so I actually just found it online at the website and I immediately applied and got all my paperwork ready."


"This is probably going to be one of the best experiences of my life"

"You're going for summer but its going to change your entire life and you're gonna make new friends, you're gonna have so have so many contacts in your host country."

"I think it'll open up a lot of opportunities to meet new people and make relationships and build a future."

"The joy of learning a new language, umm a lot of good friendships to last a long time and definitely just a great summer."

"I'm really interested in learning about the world and I feel like knowing a language is a really is a great way to connect to other people and that human connection it just makes it so special."

What advice do you have to those that want to apply?

"It's worth getting a scholarship, I mean I didn't think that I could go to Egypt on a fully funded scholarship."

"It's gonna require a lot of discipline, a lot of tolerance on your part but it's definitely something you should look for; definitely a once in a lifetime experience."

"I would say start the application early, make sure you know all the deadlines, work on your essays, make sure you proofread and make sure you're confident and you really show/be yourself in the interview so really show who you are and show how much you love going abroad and traveling and show your passion."

"You can't get any of this from textbook, you can't really understand anything until you've been immersed in something."

"You get a chance to learn something that most people will never learn in their lives. It's just that opportunity, it's so wonderful and so rare that it's just worth it and I can't see why anybody wouldn't want to apply."