Interagency Meeting on Design and Public Policy

August 10, 2016
0:00[Text] Interagency Meeting: Design & Public Policy, Washington, DC
0:04 Surgeon General Vivek Murthy [off screen]: Well, today's event is really about how we can use human centered design
0:09 to advance our work in government.
0:10 Jonathan [off screen]: So, this is, I guess, the first kind of inter-agency meeting on design and public policy.
0:15 So, it's bringing together people from agencies across the federal space
0:18 who are trying to use design to tackle really tough problems.
0:21 Kyle [off screen]: It was a fantastic opportunity to meet with other innovative thinkers
0:25 and design-based thinkers here in the federal work space.
0:28 April [off screen]: Here, we are talking about one of the ways in which we applied design
0:32 to drug safety communication,
0:34 which is important because drug safety communications are really one of the ways in which
0:38 the Food and Drug Administration communicates to the public.
0:40 Jennifer [off screen]: So, my goal from this workshop is to
0:43 better understand what the other designers in different agencies do
0:48 and to learn from their experience of how they survive their challenges
0:53 and how they might solve the same problem differently.
0:57 I think we should do this annually.
0:59 John [off screen]: You can take something that may not even be on the table
1:02 and turn it into something magical
1:04 if you just have the tenacity to keep at it.
1:06 Surgeon General Vivek Murthy [off screen]: So, design is about opening that door that allows people to come in
1:10 so understand what we're doing, to have a conversation with us, to help us understand how to make it better.
1:15 It's what enables people to participate in government, and that's ultimately what we want.


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