Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board Reflects

September 6, 2013

First speaker – Dr. Shelby Lewis – Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board Member

“It’s in my estimation a labor of love because the outcome of what we do improves American relations with other countries of the world. We get to help achieve Senator Fulbright’s objective of using diplomacy to promote peace.”

Text on the screen: The Fulbright Program operates in over 155 countries worldwide.

Second speaker – Anita McBride – Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board Member

“We are very proud of the hundreds of thousands of Fulbright grantees that have gone through this program and have become leaders in their own country, and leaders here at home. It has touched every state of our union. It is operating in 155 countries uninterrupted for 65 years. We’re very proud of the far reach that this program has had over so many sectors of civil society.”

Text on the screen: Nearly 20% of all Fulbright grants go to creative and performing artists.

Third speaker – Tom Healy – Chairman, Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board

“I was just in New Delhi and met with a number of Fulbrighters who were in the Arts and Culture field and what was extraordinary to me was the range of activities they’ve done from beginning cultural heritage management programs for Indian institutions, which hasn’t existed before, to reclaiming some ancient traditions and styles of pottery making that were new. So, I think the breadth of Fulbright is staggering to me.”

Text on the screen: 81 Fulbright Alumni have received the Pulitzer Prize and 44 Alumni have received the Nobel Prize.

Fourth Speaker – Lisa M. Caputo – Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board Member

“These people are the best and the brightest, they’re leaders, they’re future leaders, they’re future Nobel Prize winners, they’re future government officials, they’re future titans of industry and business. They’re able to do on their program through research and teaching, and international exchange, the richness of that intellectual experience not only makes them better people but makes their contribution back to society that much more valuable.”

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