Exchange Students Meet Domesticated Dogs for the First Time

December 8, 2017
Today we're doing a
dog meet-and-greet.
It came about through brainstorming
a way to introduce YES students
who've traditionally not interacted with
domesticated, friendly, slobbery dogs
before they get to their host families.
About one third of our students
have never interacted with a domesticated dog.
We thought it was essential
for students to have an understanding
of how to interact with a dog.
So we have recruited volunteers
to assist in this dog meet-and-greet.
Volunteerism is also an essential component
of the YES program.
Make sure the first thing you do
you ask the owner
how does the owner want you to interact with the dog?
[Volunteer] Did you think it would be scary?
[Student] Yeah
[Volunteer] And now that you've met Toby,
what do you think about Toby?
[Student] He's friendly.
I was so scared

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