Exchange Programs 2015 Year in Review

December 21, 2015
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Throughout 2015, we will be celebrating 75 years of State Department sponsored exchange programs.
The exchange program benefitted me in ways that I never thought of.
When you empower women, you grow endless possibilities.
I gained a lot of confidence. It really helped me to become someone I always wanted to be.
The idea is that the girls are going to discuss climate change and culture aspects of both countries.
And YSEALI is the right platform, where a leader is born, shaped, and molded into a great leader.
I'm on a train. [Laughter]
[Train Whistle]
I have never felt capable of doing everything I want to do.
We really want to encourage people from all walks of life in America to study abroad.
A person with disabilities, is a person, and has equal rights.
We love American English!
When I was walking in Bangkok,
I came to a point where I realized, I am navigating this country by myself.
I am navigating life by myself.
It's just, it's beneficial to anyone, to really just step out of your own shoes for a year.
And get to live in somebody else's
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