Edward R. Murrow Program for Journalists

November 25, 2014
[Various] It starts with a pen, a camera, an idea, 
It takes a desire to look beyond the surface,
to dig a little deeper, 
a curious spirit,
and a brave soul. 
All these things come together to make a journalist. 
[Olive] The Edward R. Murrow Program, is a program where we have different
journalists brought in from around the world. They bring in one hundred people every year,
to come for a 3-week program, during
which time we get to experience American culture,
we get to meet the best of the best, in American journalism, and learn and grow and share ideas, even among ourselves.
My name is Olive Burrows, and I'm from Kenya and I'm a news reporter with CapitalFM.
The power of the pen comes with responsibility. That is something else that we've learned.
And to be honest with the readers, and
to know that when we are asking questions, we are not
just asking them for ourselves, we asking them for the public, on their behalf.
On their behalf we are requiring accountability. Coming here has reminded me of that again.
[Manika] My name is Manika Jha, I'm from Nepal, and I work for print media. I think
journalism is very important for the democracy, and it's a mirror of the society. I get a broad
perspective about U.S. media and a how they're working and
what is their, what is the condition of reporters, their journalist, and mostly I get a lot of
knowledge about woman journalist situation in U.S. media.
I think the big impact of the program, I feel much more powerful and I feel
like, yea,  I'm woman, but I can do it. I'm a journalist because I want to raise
woman's voice. 
[John] I am journalists, because I believe in
power of a pen, power of information, to change the world, make it a better place.
[Olive]I am journalist because I believe I can make a difference.  
[Tanmoy] I am political cartoonist, because I believe cartoon can create
tolerance, and tolerance can change the world.