Dance! Diplomacy in Motion

September 14, 2012


Assistant Secretary of State, Ann Stock: Today is a very exciting day for the State Department. We launched DanceMotion USA’s second tour. This year, we’re sending four incredibly talented American dance companies on international tours to share their artistry and engage with the world. This is cultural diplomacy in motion.

Rennie Harris, Artistic Director of the dance troop Puremovement: A person’s actions kind of confirm them and define them, so it’s easier to communicate with movement than it is with language.

Sean Curran of Company: You know, we have danced for, I think, millions of years. And I think, some people say we danced around the camp fire before we actually spoke. I like to say you come out of your mother’s womb dancing. Movement is something that’s just natural to us.

Lynn Daly, Artistic Director, Jazz Tap Ensemble: We’re excited to go on this tour because the power of tap dance with jazz music as a communication tool is fabulous.

Trey McIntyre of Project: I think that dance is—it speaks at level beyond words and language as we know it. And it’s, in many ways, beyond emotion and vibrates on a level that gets at things about life and life experience that we can’t articulate in any other way. And that’s why we respond to it as an art form.

Ann Stock: With cultural diplomacy, we can start conversations and build lasting, personal connections among people around the world, not just their governments. Dance opens the doors to creating a better future for all of us.

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