Samanta Olivero Pacheco

Samanta Olivero Pacheco


Content created by Virtual Intern  Shayna Canty

Samanta Olivero-Pacheco brings art to at-risk and underserved youth in the Dominican Republic as a director of the nonprofit Proyectarte. When the U.S. Embassy of Santo Domingo's Cultural Section began planning a dance program for underserved youth, Olivero-Pacheco was asked to participate to ensure the dance program's success.

In 2017, she participated in an International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) project, "Addressing the Needs of Underserved and At-Risk Youth." She traveled to several cities where she was able to fuel her passion for volunteerism and engaging communities through the arts. With that knowledge and inspiration, she returned to the Dominican Republic and established ProyectArte Cultural, a nonprofit that creates a bridge to allow people to view art in public spaces.

Olivero-Pacheco built a strong network with fellow IVLP participants. After her IVLP, she partnered with alumni from Costa Rica, Honduras, and elsewhere in Latin America on art education and social inclusion projects.

Olivero-Pacheco continues to work with social, educational, and cultural institutions to transform art. Samanta Olivero-Pacheco advocates for the needs of underserved communities, promotes a sense of place by conveying its history through the arts, and is committed to using art to help underserved youth build life enhancing skills.

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