Martha Yamilett Martinez Briseno

Martha Yamilett Martinez Briseno

Content created by Virtual Intern Mira Yu

Before her IVLP, Yamilett Martinez Briseño was the Director General of the Office on International Affairs and Exchanges program at the Sonora Ministry of Education when in 2004, Briseño participated in the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) project, "Leadership Development for Women." During her project, she was exposed to new critical thinking methodologies and met women working in different professional sectors in the federal government and at a number of nonprofit and private sector organizations.

Briseño currently serves as the General Director of Sonora's Office of International Cooperation (OFECI) and credits her participation in the IVLP for enhancing her leadership skills and showing her new approaches she could use to strengthen economic development, border community initiatives, and cross-border relationships.

Briseño has been the catalyst for growth of many Sonoran programs and she credits the IVLP as the foundation for many of these bilateral initiatives between Arizona and Sonora. She created opportunities to combat crime through binational training and information exchanges, expanded the Chief Science Officers (CSO) Program, and increased gastronomic tourism visits to the area.

Yamilett Martinez Briseño is a leader who has successfully used her networks to build opportunities and works tirelessly to improve the lives of citizens in Sonora.

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