With over 225,000 International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) alumni, each has a story to tell and has become a “face” of exchange, the theme of our 80th anniversary celebration. On December 9th, the #FacesOfExchange initiative will come to a close with a virtual reception and storytelling workshop tilted, “My IVLP Moment.”

Join us to hear from IVLP alumni and our global IVLP network! Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and IVLP alumnus will share a special video message.

We will be joined by StoryCenter for a storytelling workshop where you will learn new techniques to develop your IVLP moment and create a story that highlights how the IVLP has impacted you.

You can also participate on social media by sharing your own self-recorded 2-4 minute video telling your own personal IVLP story with #MyIVLPMoment!

About StoryCenter

At StoryCenter, they create spaces for listening to and sharing stories, in order to help build a just and healthy world. Nearly 30 years ago, StoryCenter founded and pioneered Digital Storytelling, a participatory methodology for sharing powerful, first-person narratives and turning them into short, digital videos. They have since shared our unique methods through hundreds of workshops around the world with a variety of communities and organizations. Their public and custom workshops provide individuals and organizations with skills and tools that support self-expression, creative practice, and community building.