10th Anniversary of Access Awards Alumni with U.S. Visit

April 29, 2014

The English Access Microscholarship program (Access) is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with a U.S. exchange opportunity. This rare occasion brings 23 of the program’s highest-achieving alumni to the U.S. for a two-week visit during which they will demonstrate and improve their leadership skills through meetings with top USG officials as well as directors of various NGOs and representatives of American educational communities. Access is one of ECA’s core public diplomacy programs with scholarships amounting to approximately $25 million for over 18,000 participants annually.

Through a combination of virtual and in-person exchange components, the selected alumni will demonstrate the program’s life-changing opportunities to their peers and the world. The exchange will focus on youth leadership, youth participation in politics and government, and community service – including efforts to combat poverty, discrimination, and environmental degradation.

Access has provided a foundation of English language skills to over 100,000 economically disadvantaged 13- to 20-year-olds through after-school classes and activities in more than 85 countries. Upon completion of the program, participants may further their goals and objectives by entering local universities, obtaining employment, or receiving short-term and long-term scholarships to study or participate in U.S. exchanges. ECA is thrilled to commemorate the Access 10th Anniversary by welcoming these exceptional alumni to the U.S.!

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