The ancient and historic monuments, objects, and archaeological sites of the world enrich and inform today's societies, and help connect us to our cultural origins. The Department's Cultural Heritage Center specializes in the protection and preservation of these irreplaceable resources, working on many fronts to safeguard the patrimony of other countries.

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February 20, 2018
Press Notice: United States and Libya Sign Cultural Property Protection Agreement
January 31, 2018
U.S. Department of State Partners with International Council of Museums to Fight Illicit Traffic of Yemeni Cultural Heritage
October 16, 2017
Cultural Property Advisory Committee Meeting October 23-24
October 6, 2017
U.S. and Guatemala extend and amend cultural property agreement.
Close up of a very large and old book being held opened, the pages are wrinkled and tainted yellow
September 27, 2017
United States and Mali Extend Cultural Property Agreement, Include Protection for Manuscripts
September 19, 2017
U.S. and Mali Extend and Amend Cultural Property Agreement


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