Digital Documentation and Storytelling Build Greater Appreciation for Jordan’s Cultural Heritage: Photo Gallery
Today we celebrate 20 years of American leadership, cooperation, and support for the preservation of cultural heritage around the world through the Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation.
United States and Italy Sign Cultural Property Agreement to Renew Protections for Italian Cultural Property
Due to the ongoing conflict, museums across Libya remain closed to protect their collections from looting and other damage. As a result, many communities in Libya have lost a vital link to their country’s rich past that museums and public programming create.
New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art — commonly known as the Met — has returned a prized item from its collection of Egyptian antiquities after learning that the piece was actually a stolen artifact.
After making its largest discovery of cultural property ever — 42,000 artifacts from around the world — at one U.S. home, the FBI has begun packing up and sending many of the items to the People’s Republic of China, where they belong.