Access Student Aspires to Be the Change

April 22, 2014

Through the English Access Microscholarship Program, Walter Morales has had the opportunity to study English and U.S. culture in his country for the past two years.

“The people [in my community], they want to learn English, too, but they can’t,” says Walter. “My community needs a change. They don’t have opportunities.”

Walter plans to make a real impact by facilitating the change he believes will help his community. “In the future I hope I will teach English.”

Walter was excited to participate in the Access Program because he understands the importance of English worldwide. In addition to learning English, Walter wants to continue learning about culture, religion, and government in the United States.

Walter’s English language ability has already begun to make an impact in his community. This is very important to him as he is committed to helping others, especially his mother and grandmother who work hard and encourage him in his studies. He translates for friends and family when English-speaking doctors come to Guatemala and he offers his assistance to classmates with their English coursework. Currently a high school student, Walter is well on his way to becoming a teacher himself.

Walter was one of 23 Access students invited to participate in the 2012 Access Program Summer Workshop in the U.S. Hailing from ten countries, the students studied English and experienced U.S. culture together in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and San Diego. Walter reflects on his time in the Access Program and proclaims, “It’s great, this country [the U.S.], and I never will forget this experience.”