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A former player on the Moroccan National Basketball Team, Mohamed Amine Zariat took his passion for team sports and developed a nonprofit. TIBU started as a basketball tournament for at-risk youth in a low-income neighborhood in Morocco and has evolved to provide Moroccan youth leadership and social skills at 18 community centers. TIBU also provides opportunities for physically disabled youth to build their confidence through inclusive sports.

Zariat returned from his IVLP inspired with new ideas to expand TIBU's programming. TIBU is now supported by the Moroccan Ministry of Education, and Zariat plans to implement programs throughout Morocco. By providing opportunities for Moroccan youth to become community leaders, Zariat is changing the world in which they live.

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The whole experience has enriched my life not only professionally but also personally.

Meeting people from different sports organisations as NBA, NCAA, Vita Sports, Lebron James Family Foundation, etc. from the mainstream to smaller and community-based or specialised ones in different cities and states, has given me the opportunity to deepen my leadership skills, particularly through the diverse range of youth empowerment practices through sports in the US, by learning their stories, business, management and operation models.

IVLP experience helps me everyday to impact more, to innovate more and to scale more."

- Mr. Amine Zariat