U.S. Department of State Pilots Open Educational Resources

January 11, 2016


picture of students Students using tablets to read African storybooks through the OLE Pilot at Kadzinuni Primary School in Kenya.
In 2015, the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs’ Collaboratory launched and ran three open education pilots as part of our commitment to the second U.S. Open Government National Action Plan. One year in, the Collaboratory examined all three pilots and shared lessons learned from these programs.

All three pilots used open educational resources (OER) with the primary goal of identifying new models for increasing access to educational opportunity. The pilots demonstrated that OER use can foster greater opportunities for affordable cross-cultural understanding and education. The principal lessons learned also suggest: 1) learning using online materials should be augmented with a concrete framework for learning in person; 2) while a high degree of flexibility is essential for localized programs, this flexible framework must be paired with clear guidelines for measurement and accountability; and 3) there is a tremendous willingness and interest in collaboration among participants across borders and cultures.

View the full report here.

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