Sam Brown Chairs Panel in Arkansas to Spur Fulbright Scholar Alumni Investment

January 6, 2017
On December 12, 2016, Board member Sam Brown chaired the panel titled, “Fulbright Scholar Alumni Network – Developing a Call to Action for Fulbright Scholar Alumni to Become More Involved in Global Sustainability and Technology Deployment” as part of Club de Madrid-P80 Group Foundation’s Global Solutions Institute Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas.  
Panelists included Willy Foote, Senator J. William Fulbright’s grandson and CEO of Root Capital; Honorable  Ca Tran, Fulbright alumnus and Science and Technology Advisor for Vietnam; Robert Schiffer, Fulbright University, Vietnam; Dam Bich Thu, Fulbright alumna and President Fulbright University, Vietnam; Dr. Nickolas Zaller, Fulbright alumnus and Director, Office of Global Health University of Arkansas for Medical Science; and Mark Grobmyer, Managing Director, P80 Group Foundation.