Sam Brown Chairs Panel in Arkansas to Spur Fulbright Scholar Alumni Investment

On December 12, 2016, Board member Sam Brown chaired the panel titled, “Fulbright Scholar Alumni Network – Developing a Call to Action for Fulbright Scholar Alumni to Become More Involved in Global Sustainability and Technology Deployment” as part of Club de Madrid-P80 Group Foundation’s Global Solutions Institute Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas.  
Panelists included Willy Foote, Senator J. William Fulbright’s grandson and CEO of Root Capital; Honorable  Ca Tran, Fulbright alumnus and Science and Technology Advisor for Vietnam; Robert Schiffer, Fulbright University, Vietnam; Dam Bich Thu, Fulbright alumna and President Fulbright University, Vietnam; Dr. Nickolas Zaller, Fulbright alumnus and Director, Office of Global Health University of Arkansas for Medical Science; and Mark Grobmyer, Managing Director, P80 Group Foundation.   

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