July 9, 2016: Kyrgyz Republic to Kazakhstan #Dean525

July 9, 2016

July 9th marked Dean's departure from Kyrgyzstan and into the final leg of his journey in Kazakhstan. With the finish on July 10 in Almaty, Dean has had an incredible oddessy thus far. In the past eight days and more than 300 miles, Dean had experienced the highs and lows of both temperatures and the human spirit.

His journey took him from the scorching asphalt of Uzbek industrial highways to the cool alpine breezes of the Tien Shan mountains. There were times when the miles weighed heavy on his spirit, only to be uplifted by a pack of enthusiastic runners to accompany him along the way. As Dean approached the border into Kazakhstan, he was able to reflect upon the reasons for undertaking this challenge. And as fatigue once again set in, Dean smiled as he realized that, although languages may divide us into countries, cultures, and tribes, one word makes us whole again. Dean has heard this word throughout his run, uttered by young and old alike; "Selfie, Selfie!"

Learn more about the Silk Road Ultra Marathon Run, with Dean Karnazes #Dean525

Day 9 - Silk Road Ultramarathon

Day 9 - Silk Road Ultramarathon


July 9: Silk Ultra Marathon Photos


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