July 8, 2016: Kyrgyz Republic #Dean525

July 9, 2016

The day began with an appearance on Zamana, a Good Morning America style show. The hosts were pleasantly surprised with Dean's newly acquired Russian and Kyrgyz phrases.  However, the were less happy to learn that in order to obtain a Dean-like physique, they would have to give up cake.

Dean then took part in an interview with a local newspaper about his experience thus far running the Silk Road Ultramarathon through Central Asia.  In the afternoon, Dean joined 50 local runners on a five mile run to an outdoor concert held in his honor.  A local youth named Bekjan presented Dean with a Kalpak, a traditional Kyrgyz hat and a chap an (traditional chieftain robe).  Bekjan became a celebrity in Kyrgyzstan recently after he decided to run in a local marathon on his way home from school.  With his backpack and all, Bekjan completed over 13 miles, all the time offering his candies and encouragement to fatigued runners. Dean honored this young boy by giving him a running hat.

Dean standing with lady holding baby

Dean on speaking on stage

Dean running in crowd

Dean standing with young lady

Teens holding up Silk Road Ultramarathon shirt

Dean receiving Kyrgyz hat at a concert

Dean wearing Kyrgyz hat and a chap (traditional chieftain robe)

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