July 7, 2016: Bishkek #Dean525

July 7, 2016

After surmounting two mountain passes, Dean arrived in Bishkek on July 7. Dean started the day by visiting the Shopokov English Access program just outside of Bishkek. The students were happy to practice their English with him, and even happier to run with him for a few hundred yards. He then reached the far outskirts of the city. Stride by stride, Dean made his way closer to the heart of the city. He passed the bustling Osh Bazaar where merchants looked on as Dean ran by. Then he passed the imposing Soviet marble fascade of the Philharmonia, finally reaching the Zero Kilometer: an ornate bronze marker signifying the exact geographic center of the city. To celebrate his entry into Bishkek, the running club "Probeg" treated Dean to a traditional Kyrgyz meal.

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