July 5, 2016: Kyrgyz Republic #Dean525

July 6, 2016

July 5th saw Dean running through the mountainous heart of Kyrgyzstan. Running through the cloudy mist, Dean was able to see first-hand the traditional Kyrgyz nomadic lifestyle. In this part of the country, horses outnumber cars and "on-demand entertainment" means asking the village elders to recount stories of their youth. The nomadic herdsmen live as their ancestors did: simply and in harmony with the land.

Today's leg took longer than usual due to an abundance of legendary Kyrgyz hospitality. As Dean passed yurt camps, smiling faces popped out, imploring him to come out of the rain and enjoy a cup of kumis (fermented horse milk). With every yurt he entered, he left the inhabitants with their own tale to tell; about a high spirited American who ran across Kyrgyzstan to experience their hospitality. #Dean525

Learn more about theĀ Silk Road Ultra Marathon Run, with Dean Karnazes #Dean525

The Fifth Day of the Silk Road Ultramarathon with Dean Karnazes

July 5: Silk Ultra Marathon Photos

Dean running ahead against the backdrop of amazing Kyrgyz mountains

Dean poses with some young Kyrgyz fans

Dean drinking kumis or fermented horse milk, a Kyrgyz staple

A Kyrgyz family stops to capture photos of Dean as he runs by

Dean cools off by splashing his face with water from a mountain stream

Dean runs behind a herd of horses

Dean running through a large archway in the Kyrgyz Republic

Dean posing in front of a giant terra cotta colored statue of a rearing horse and rider

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