July 4, 2016: Kyrgyz Republic #Dean525

July 4, 2016

July 4: Happy Independence Day! July 4th marked Dean's first full day in the Kyrgyz Republic. The morning started out overcast and drizzly, which was just what Dean needed after multiple days of 95+ degree weather. This leg of the journey offered a stark contrast to Dean's prior runs. Gone were the miles of industrial highway and oppressive heat. Luscious greenery, majestic mountains, and pristine lakes greeted Dean around every corner. For a much deserved break, Dean took a dip in the Kirov Resevoir, home of one of the largest relief statues of Lenin.

Once he dried off, he continued running into Talas City, where local runners joined him for the final two kilometers of the day. With miles of road behind him, Dean spoke to an audience of local Youth TechCamp students. Youth TechCamps are a U.S. State Department initiative which promotes digital literacy among youth leaders. Dean used his FitBit as an example of how technology allows him to measure the efficiency and results of his training.

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The Fourth Day of the Silk Road Ultramarathon with Dean Karnazes

July 4: Silk Ultra Marathon Photos

Dean running in front of damn

Dean running in front of monument

Dean running in front of large body of water

Dean running on road with mountains in the background

Dean running on road with sign in foreground


Dean running on muddy road

Dean running in a crowd

Dean running in a crowd

Dean walking under raised hands

Kids waiting for Dean

Dean holding a 4th of July cake

Dean speaking to crowd

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