July 2, 2016: Kazakhstan #Dean525

July 2, 2016

July 2 saw Dean run 47 miles (76 kilometers) from Qazygurt to Shymkent, Kazakhstan. For the departure from Qazygurt, Dean was joined by youth and local runners who came out early in the morning to see him off. Early in the day, the brutal heat was tempered by thick cloud cover. However, the clouds quickly parted, returning to the high temperatures that have defined this historic run thus far.

About five miles from the border, Team Dean525 stopped for lunch at a small shashlik (a type of kabab) cafe. The owner recognized Dean from the media coverage and was proud to have him enjoying his food. While Dean was eating, word got out amongst the running community that the Ultramarathon Man himself was there. When he emerged from the cafe, 20 local runners, suited in running gear, were ready to run with him.

In the spirit of the Silk Road Ultramarathon, he ran the final distance into the city flanked by Shymkent's running community, who were just thrilled to share the road with the legend. Upon his arrival in Shymkent, the mayor and other government officials gave Dean a warm welcome. Later that afternoon, Dean met with more than 30 young people at the American Corner in Shymkent. 

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July 2: Silk Ultra Marathon Photos

Dean Karnazes with group in front of location sign

Dean and the crowd jumping with their hands in their air

Dean and group running to finish

Dean running solo

dean running by himself in countryside

dean running

the crew takes a picture of Dean as he waves to bystanders

Dean runs past the town banner

Women in beautiful local dress

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