For the Fifth Year Running, International Exchange Visitors Will Be the TCS New York City Marathon's Largest and Most Diverse Volunteer Contingent

October 11, 2019
On November 3, more than 1,600 participants who are in the United States on the Exchange Visitor Program – students, interns, au pairs, and research scholars – will volunteer at the TCS New York City Marathon, the world’s largest marathon.
The exchange participants will comprise more than 16 percent of the total volunteers at the marathon, experiencing firsthand the American values of volunteerism and civic engagement. Alongside American volunteers at Mile 5 and Mile 6 in Brooklyn and Mile 18, Mile 19, and Mile 23 in Manhattan, they will provide water and moral support to nearly 52,000 runners from more than 135 countries. Several exchange participants will also run the marathon.
“The NYC Marathon initiative gives Exchange Visitors the chance to experience volunteerism, American style.” Saba said. Americans have learned that when they unite they can accomplish great things. Volunteerism is a way to unite with others in performing a common good that has the power to potentially transform society. We hope that in some way this experience contributes to our Exchange Visitors time in America while giving them a taste of the impact volunteerism can have on themselves, their community, their country and society writ large.”
“The TCS New York City Marathon is the world’s largest and most diverse marathon in the world, and no group better demonstrates the global impact of the event like the Exchange Visitor Program participants,” said Jim Heim, senior vice president of event development and production at NYRR and race director of the TCS New York City Marathon. “For the last five years, this group has been the largest volunteer group on race day, serving an integral part in creating a positive experience for all of our runners and proving that volunteerism is a global value.”
The State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, New York Road Runners, and 40 U.S.-designated sponsor organizations that administer the Exchange Visitor Program are coordinating this volunteer effort.
You can follow the latest updates on social media using hashtag #EVPExchanges and see our participants in action at For more information, please contact the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at To learn more about the Exchange Visitor Program, visit

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