The Academy for Women Entrepreneurs Helps Business Owner Grow Her Company in Kenya

May 28, 2021

Pauline Otila Kamwara, Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) graduate from 2019, is the managing director of Apiculture Venture in Kenya. Her social enterprise employs women and young people committed to sustainable beekeeping. They sell honey to farmers, cosmetic shops, hotels, and more. Pauline started her business when she saw that women weren’t represented in beekeeping in Kenya.

“I attended a beekeeping and honey processing course in Israel. The experience ... motivated me to start something similar with women given that the farms I visited [there], the most successful ones, were women owned, yet back home in Kenya no woman was running a beekeeping enterprise,” she says. 

Pauline credits the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs Program (AWE) program with helping her attain funding that ultimately helped her expand her operations.

“We presented our business plan that was done through AWE and [it helped get] a grant to purchase modern honey processing equipment. [I learned to] sell the idea of beekeeping as an income generating activity.” Pauline says.

In addition to developing a business plan, AWE also taught Pauline how to develop an elevator pitch, evaluate customer buying trends, and improve her products and services. She said that her enterprise grew as a result of her AWE training.

“There has been a sharp growth. We increased the number of bee hives operating in various sites – currently 930 bee hives. We have been able to double our production. [We] expanded regionally to Tanzania and [are] looking forward to [partnering with] Uganda and Burundi.” -Pauline.

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