The Academy for Women Entrepreneurs Helps Business Owner Expand Operations in the Dominican Republic

October 7, 2020


Gabriela Lee, Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) graduate from 2019, is the founder and chef at Damn Good Kitchen (DGK) in Dominican Republic. They offer a subscription service to deliver daily meals covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks and help people with busy lifestyles or special diets. Gabriela started this venture cooking from home and conducting all tasks.

“I used to do everything from shopping, cooking, packing, customer service. I was afraid of hiring a team, investing in a bigger kitchen, and delegating," she says.

Gabriela attributes her improved business management skills and strategic decision-making to the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs program and said that the training helped even alleviate the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Since the culmination of the program, the DGK team has increased from one to 11 full-time employees – 8 of whom are women – and they moved to a new industrial kitchen.

“With the tools I gained in the AWE program, I managed to increase my sales by 500%. I started with 20 clients per week and now we have over 300 weekly clients,” Gabriela says. She now sells over 1,500 plates of food per week.

Gabriela learned how to launch her business brand, reach her target audience, and expanded her services across Santo Domingo using outsourced delivery services. Also, after the COVID-19 outbreak, Gabriela and her team developed new services such as family plans for people who are now working from home.

“What I value most about this program is the connections I made with other women business owners in my country and how close we got on a personal and professional level. We have developed several business collaborations together.”-Gabriela.

To learn more about Gabriela and Damn Good Kitchen visit .... Instagram: @ damngoodkitchen

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