Announcing the Cultural Heritage Game Jam

October 26, 2021

The Cultural Antiquities Task Force (CATF) in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) is diving into the world of videogames.  CATF and Global Game Jam, Inc. are hosting a global videogame development competition, or “game jam,” to increase awareness of threats to cultural heritage.  From November 5 to 21, 2021, teams will participate in-person or virtually to create videogame prototypes and to compete for a chance to attend the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California in March of 2022.

The Cultural Heritage Game Jam challenges teams to create games that:

  • Celebrate diverse cultural art, artifacts, traditions, and places;
  • Help disrupt cultural heritage looting, theft, trafficking, and destruction;
  • Reinforce the importance of protecting and preserving cultural heritage; and
  • Educate about the effects of climate change on cultural heritage

Participants, or  “jammers,” include game developers, students, faculty, and nongovernmental organizations, among others.  Teams can register throughout the competition using this link:

Follow @HeritageAtState @GlobalGameJam #GameDevs #IndieGameDevs and #ProtectHeritage on social media for updates on the Cultural Heritage Game Jam.


About the Cultural Antiquities Task Force  

Created by the State Department in 2004 at the direction of Congress, the CATF comprises federal agencies that share a common mission to disrupt cultural property trafficking in the United States and abroad. Since its creation, the CATF has supported more than 100 domestic and international cultural property training programs. CATF is a law enforcement-focus working group of the Cultural Heritage Coordinating Committee.  Both are managed by the State Department’s Cultural Heritage Center.