Visual Evocation: Poland by Night - Discussion Panel

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Georgia State University

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017



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International Center, Dahlberg Hall, Room 350

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Join us for a panel discussion on the visual evocation of night photography in Poland. Panelists will discuss technical, visual and emotional responses elicited from pictures taken by Polish photographer Krzysztof Masiuk. The unique canvas-printed photographic collection shows night scenery of Polish cities and towns. Special illumination and the play of light capture magical moments in each photograph and bring out the beauty of Poland from a whole new perspective. Krzysztof Masiuk’s photographs are on display in the International Center on the 3rd floor of Dahlberg Hall during International Education Week from November 13 - 17, 2017.
Sponsored by the Office of International Initiatives and the College of the Arts.

In celebration of International Education Week 2017 at Georgia State University. Learn more at

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Office of International Initiatives

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Georgia (US)

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Free and Open to the Public.