YES Story: Hussein

July 8, 2016
I'm Hussein Zeyadeh, I'm from Palestine, and I'm a YES exchange student placed in Onsted, Michigan.
This program has impacted me very much throughout this year.
The growth that I got. It wasn't easy, but it was such as heck worth it.
I have grown spiritually.
I really found the path to go while I was here, and it's just the knowledge I got from the diversity in America,
I've met people from all around the world.
I've met people from Bosnia, Pakistan, from Italy, Switzerland.
I've met people from wherever and I've got way too many friends now.
I met so many people while I was in this program and that really made me see the bigger picture of this universe, I mean this world, it, once I was in Palestine like I didn't even imagine America being like this.
I didn't imagine coming here and being welcomed in such a warm, hugs and people were like taking me into their home and calling me their son and they just met me.
Like they just met me, they don't know nothing about me.
They don't know nothing about my background, but they made it completely judge free, and they welcomed me as a part of their families.

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