Why Should You Host a YES Exchange Student?

April 23, 2018

00:00  I think that it's very important for

00:03  Americans to host exchange students

00:05  because the impact that exchange

00:09  programs have had on the world has been

00:12  remarkable all the experiences that I

00:14  had in the states where the driving

00:17  force towards where I am today I

00:20  discovered a lot of things that one of

00:22  which is my passion towards chemistry

00:24  when I was on my exchange here I took

00:27  chemistry class and part of the

00:30  chemistry class was chemistry lab back

00:32  home we don't have much practical

00:34  application of the theoretical things

00:36  that we learn so that was really quite

00:40  interesting for me to actually apply

00:42  things and do things in the lab I

00:45  pursued my college education starting

00:49  with a professionals degree in chemistry

00:51  for my master's thesis I managed to set

00:54  aside six analogs as a lie after poly go

00:57  with anti-cancer activity the potential

01:00  is that the proliferation of these

01:03  breast cancer cell lines

01:05  start on a very high instinct and most

01:09  likely destroy it completely

01:12  being a turning point in terms of

01:14  finding a breast cancer your

01:19  my experience has been life-changing