We are the Future. We are Fulbright Pakistan.

April 14, 2014

Title: We are the Future. We are Fulbright Pakistan

Description: Fulbright Pakistan Students tell us why the Fulbright Program is helping us build a Global Village. More info: http://eca.state.gov/fulbright/country/pakistan



I'm here in D.C. for a workshop arranged by Fulbright.

Which is partly a reentry seminar for us.

That means that it's for students

who are returning back to their home countries.

And then it's partly also a workshop on social entrepreneurship.

So this workshop is kind of like an introduction

and then also a way to inspire you

and motivate you to do something once you go back.

The re-entry workshop in D.C.

I had the opportunity

to go to the Capital Bikeshare program

and that was an interesting concept because

I am studying in Boston, Massachusetts

I know there they have a system called Hubway

where you can rent out a bike

and use it to move around the city.

It's a fascinating concept.

None of this exists back home.


I'm doing a degree which is based in a

very academic setting.

It's in sociology.

And by going to this Department [Department of Transportation]

and interacting with public officials

you actually get a much better sense of

how complicated that whole process is

and what are all t he different dimensions

and different kind of actors

that are involved in putting something together.


And I believe that programs like this allow

not only the educational linkages that are required,

because the whole world is a global village.

We are so close to each other,

we are doing the same things, you know?

So why should we do things again and again?

We can help each other.

We are partners. We are friends.


There is a lot we can learn from each other

and there is a lot happening here in the U.S.

That probably could be taken back to Pakistan

and then maybe replicated in some way or the other.


And I believe that programs like the Fulbright program,

it is of course the largest,

and I hope it will remain to be.

The Pakistani Fulbright Program I hope it remains

and continues to grow.


The history of the American nation and the Pakistani nation,

we are very closely related.

From the day Pakistan was created,

there has been interaction,

there has been a lot of diplomatic exchanges.


This is the best way to help us become closer to each other

We are the future. We are Fulbright.








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