TechGirls 2013: A Network of Young Innovators

August 22, 2013


Participant: I am looking at technology in way that can change the word.


Malak S: Tech girls is a program an exchange program that is sponsored by the US Department of State. I thought it was a great opportunity not only for technology skills, but for social skills, leadership and all that. 


Hafssa: Living in a  country where there are no opportunities for girls especially in the field of technology, I am so thankful for this program because I have the opportunity  to learn new things.


 Stephanie Peters: Participating in programs like tech girls is a commitment the Microsoft corporation has under our broader global diversity and we want to make sure the future work force has include having women and girls committed  in to going into the STEM fields science technology engineering and math so we can continue to be an innovative company 


Cheryl Miller: And for me personally, as a women who has come up through the technology field I really believe in giving back and I thought it would be a great opportunity to work with these young women and introduce them to some  impressive females leaders  with our company.  


Joanna: I actually get to meet a lot of professionals and people where I can actually start learning about their experiences and be inspired by them.


Lina B: I would like to use the knowledge I get here in America to help my country. I use it in a positive way.


Participant: What I think is so important is not only do you believe in yourself, but you believe in the power of women and girls and believe in each other. 



Assia: I am mostly hoping to see myself as a great successful women, who is an inspiration for many others.


Participant: I feel like the technological ambassador and when I come back home the first thing I will do is to share my knowledge to share everything I've learned here with my peers.



Anita Dey: They're learning from other people, they are gaining experience, they're making connections, they're building a foundation for their future work.